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Welcome to Grace's Garden, your tranquil haven on the Web.

Leave the overhurried, overly noisy world behind...

Enter the Garden and slow down for a while...

Come experience a peaceful oasis that celebrates the beauties and the little joys in life. Come discover yourself, learn something new, be encouraged, have some fun, and just celebrate life.

Here in Grace's Garden, we understand that the finer things are not always the more expensive things; indeed, we believe the old adage that the best things in life really ARE free...

The time of life is short!
To spend that shortness basely were too long.
--William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part One; Act V, scene ii, 81.

NEW! New page added! Enjoy our brand-new feature, GRACE'S MUSIC, and learn how you can get your very own CD with some very lovely music -- including some by yours truly, the Gardener herself!

Please visit our GARDENS OF DELIGHT page for a link to a special feature, which will be updated periodically, THE FOUR SEASONS! Our very first feature, SPRING, is still here in the Garden, and so are SUMMER, AUTUMN, and WINTER.

The seeds of this garden have newly been sown,
So do please keep returning to see what we've grown!

Above photo, Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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