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Come wander through Gardens Of Delight. Discover a quiet place of reflection or renewal, where greens affirm life, pinks enliven your day, oranges stave off the coming winter chill, blues soothe, and purples calm. Color is an important part of our world, and here in the Garden we like to celebrate it every chance we get! In this section, you'll find different pictures of gardens both grand and small, created by teams of professionals or lovingly tended by one person with a heart for beauty. Some pictures will feature large areas, while others will focus on a single flower or leaf; after all, we don't want to miss a thing in our walk through the Garden! Click on each picture, and it will give you a larger version of it, with a few words about it. Much like the seasons, these images will change periodically, so do please keep checking back - there are always new gardens to discover!

NEW! The Four Seasons: WINTER.
The Four Seasons: AUTUMN.
The Four Seasons: SUMMER. and
The Four Seasons: SPRING.
Please click on the words "SPRING" or "SUMMER" to revisit our earlier gardens, and now, "WINTER" and "AUTUMN" to visit brand-new gardens for the cooler seasons of the year! Each season, from the "Gardens Of Delight" page, you'll be able to visit a different garden, with pictures and verse specific to each unique time of year. Come celebrate the changing seasons, here in the Garden!

Frederick Delius: Florida Suite.
Ottorino Respighi: The Fountains Of Rome.
George Butterworth: The Banks Of Green Willow.

...the powerful grace that lies in plants....
--William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet; Act II, scene iii.

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