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While it's true there's no place like home, sometimes the adventurous spirit just has to get away a little! Travel can educate, entertain, broaden our views, helps us relax, and give us new perspectives on life. It can refresh us and revitalize us, and it can help make everyday life just a little bit better, as we take with us, back into our lives, lovely memories of a wonderful time.

We can travel with family, with friends, or all by ourselves. Sharing a vacation, a weekend, or just a day trip with someone we care about can help bring us closer together, and it's always nice to recall those carefree times shared, as we go about our everyday activities. Traveling alone (and it's always wise that we take proper care in what we do) can help us rediscover ourselves, help us sort things out and see things in a better light than we might have otherwise, or just bring excitement and relaxation to our lives.

Words like "adventure" often conjure up images of exploring the Great Pyramids, or perhaps even traveling the Amazon. The mention of a "vacation," for many, brings to mind childhood camping trips, days spent at theme parks, or lounging on tropical beaches. But getting away doesn't have to involve a long drive, an airline flight, or even hotel reservations. Here at Grace's Garden, we love to celebrate the little things in life, the simpler things, and the less complicated, so for our first edition of this brand-new feature, Grace's Travels, we'd like to celebrate the day trip, and the many wonderful places we can go that are close to home. Sometimes just one overnight, or even just a day trip, can make all the difference in the world as to how we feel, and indeed, the nearby gems should never be overlooked.

After all, there's no place like CLOSE to home, either!

Travel Music:
Jacques Ibert: Ports Of Call.
Percy Grainger: Zanzibar Boat Song.
Frederick Delius: Over The Hills And Far Away.


Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits....
I would rather entreat thy company
To see the wonders of the world abroad
Than, living dully sluggardized at home,
Wear out thy youth with shapeless idleness.
--William Shakespeare: "Two Gentlemen Of Verona; Act I, scene i"

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