Gardens Of Delight

As sunlight dapples through green leaves,
Their shade its coolness casts,
And woodsy scent rides balmy breeze
The summer's come at last!

The mornings start out slowly
And the noonday grows in sun,
And fireflies dance in eventide
When summertime has come.

On Main Street, bands will march and play
And flags will proudly wave
And fireworks celebrate the day
To honor all who gave.

Hydrangeas bloom in sky-blue globes
Near picket fences white;
The lawns are green, the cornfields tall,
And summer's sun shines bright.

From beach to farm to city park
The world's a fresh, green place;
And days are lazy, warm, and free
When summer's set its pace!

Frederick Delius: Summer Night On The River. In A Summer Garden.
Antonio Vivaldi: "Summer" from "The Four Seasons."
William Perry: Summer Nocturne For Flute And Orchestra.
Jerry Goldsmith: Fireworks.

The summer's flower is to the summer sweet.
--William Shakespeare, Sonnet 94, 9.

Poem, "An Old-Fashioned Summer," © 2007 by Michele Grace.

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