Gardens Of Delight

As crimson turns to russet
And gold leaves give way to brown,
The daylight flees e'er sooner
And bright lights festoon the town.

Longer nights mean cozy times
With blanket and with book;
An evening's snuggle by the fire,
The warmth of nest and nook.

The bustle of the holidays
Makes chilly days fly by;
And soft, warm bed piled high with quilts
Calls as the night draws nigh.

So throw the curtains open wide,
Invite in winter's sun;
Enjoy the warmth of cozy times,
Before the winter's done!

Franz Lizst: Chase Neige (Blowing Snow), from Transcendental Etudes.
Antonio Vivaldi: "Winter" from The Four Seasons.
Leopold Mozart: A Musical Sleigh Ride.

Winter's not gone yet, if the wild geese fly that way.
--William Shakespeare, King Lear; II, ii.

Poem, "Winter Warmth," © 2008 by Michele Grace.

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